UNO 1.2

Card game made available for PC gamers--free to download

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    Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows XP

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    6.6 (188)

If you love the classic Uno card game, this freeware lets you to play it on your Windows computer against virtual opponents.

Any Windows computer user can download and play this fun game for free! This title plays much like the actual game.

Programmed into this game, you will find the beloved Uno card deck. It features the four classic card-suit colors. As you likely recall, those colors are red, blue, green and yellow. Face-value cards rank numerically from zero to nine. You will also recognize the action cards, which are Skip, Reverse, and Draw Two.

Remember to watch out for the game's unique Wild cards! Uno fans know the game has two types. While both types allow a player to change the suit other players must cast upon the discard pile, one type also forces the next player to draw four cards!

Though the graphics lack full crispness, this video card game is free! You will love the chance this title will give you to "sneak in" a round of Uno.

The Uno card game is a longtime game-night favorite. For those who want to play a few hands without waiting until their next family gathering, this unofficial freeware version of Uno allows a happy escape.

When playing against your computer, shouting "Uno!" is optional. It is also very fun!


  • This freeware allows you to play Uno by yourself.
  • You will enjoy this game's fast pace.
  • Players may remember once-forgotten childhood play sessions.
  • Uno is a fun way to pass a little time!


  • Though enjoyable, this title does not offer a multi-player mode.
  • The graphics leave a little to be desired.
  • You may find yourself playing this fun game a little too much!

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